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We offer a farm-to-table experience, from our family to yours

Duane’s Crawfish is a Cajun Seasoning Company in Louisiana

We are Duane’s Crawfish, and we are a cajun seasoning and catering company in Louisiana. We offer the most delicious Cajun seasoning in Louisiana. If you are searching for crawfish seasoning in Louisiana or gumbo seasoning in Louisiana, look no further than Duane’s Crawfish. We take pride in our Cookin’ Cajun All Purpose Seasoning, and love providing you with the best seasoning for fried seafood in Louisiana. Duane’s Crawfish specializes in crawfish boils, and we have excellent crawfish boil seasoning. Our spicy Cajun seasoning gives your crawfish and other dishes that distinctive Cajun flavor that you enjoy so much. We also have Cajun groceries available. Whether you are hosting a crawfish boil or any other dinner for that special occasion, you can count on Duane’s Crawfish to provide you with the absolute best Cajun seasoning in Louisiana. Contact us, and we can show you what we have to offer! We excel in customer service and ensure that you receive what you desire in Cajun, crawfish, and seafood seasoning. Call us today!


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Cookin Cajun All Purpose Seasoning

Originally used by Duane for his catering company, Crawfish Country Catering, and crawfish boils, this seasoning can even be used in classic Cajun dishes such as seafood gumbos and fried seafood. But our all-purpose seasoning is truly all-purpose, and it can season everything from potatoes, mac and cheese, to even prime cuts of steak. Its versatility also extends to how you season food with it. Some seasonings are too overpowering to cook with and are used best to top a finished dish, whereas, others work best as a base seasoning. Our seasoning blend is capable of doing both and giving excellent results to everyone from elementary cooks to professional chefs.

All-Purpose Seasoning

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How to reach us?

We offer a farm-to-table experience, from our family to yours

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While it’s true that we stretch the boundaries of “local” — by delivering and preparing crawfish as far as Texas and Georgia — we never sacrifice our “farm-to-table” principles, bringing the highest quality crawfish and authentic Cajun culture wherever we go.



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Our farming is sustainable and our farm-to-table approach is like none other. We harvest select crawfish daily, directly from our ponds, deliver and prepare them on site. The only way they could be any fresher is if you caught them yourself!

Questions and Answers

A. We consider Cookin’ Cajun All Purpose Seasoning to be the best crawfish seasoning. It can be used to top crawfish or as a base seasoning. This seasoning is not overpowering, and provides that distinctive Cajun flavor.
A. Once again, we believe that our Cookin’ Cajun All-Purpose Seasoning is the best Cajun seasoning. If you want just the right amount of Cajun flavor and zest without being overwhelming, this is the best Cajun seasoning for you.
A.Gumbo gets its texture and some of its flavor from roux, a paste of flour cooked in fat and a base of diced onions, green bell pepper, and celery. Cooks also add okra, dried sassafras leaves, or both to gumbo.
A.Each cook probably has their own special ingredients, but Cajun seasoning generally has paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, pepper, and oregano. These ingredients give Cajun seasoning its distinctive flavor.
A.Boiling is the best way to cook crawfish. Place a pot of water on the stove, and bring the water to a boil. Add the crawfish and allow them to cook for no more than three minutes. Boiling is the ideal way to cook crawfish.